LAOCPhoto | About
Hello, I'm in Southern California. I've been doing photography for many years, using film and now digital. But, before I got more serious about this, I was an amateur baseball player. I then began working with models and learned more about photography. I'm available for portfolio, sports, events, and parties. Main equipment is digital. Rates adjustable. Could be CD/DVD Only, Self-Service Ordering, and Custom Prints. Optional editing.

Custom Work. Custom prints, 8x10 (or 8x12) or larger are available. My editing style is natural, with normal color to slightly greater saturation. However, a photo artist can be obtained.

-Editing software; Photoshop

About viewing images. Color is affected by surrounding colors like clothing, backdrops, walls, and lighting. Monitors are also different and most are Not color calibrated. Some tend to be bluish and bright. Even though color calibrated monitors are used, images will view differently.

I'm also somewhat of a Market guru. Please follow with me.